Developing Africa for better sustaining livelihoods

      IMG_0149After looking that the number of youth who has lots of idea but they don’t know where they go to put out their inputs. Youth, means Female and Male, in and out of school youth, employed and unemployed youth without to look on belief, culture or ethnic group. Eric Lucas the Founding Director  of Africamoja Youth Society has declared to start another core organization. This is due to the result that Africa needs more pioneers that will make an impact in and outside the society. The organization that is expected to start soon is highly concerned with Environment and climatic in Africa. 

“People of Africa depend on their natural environment for their sustenance and livelihoods. These vital resources and ecosystems are under ever-increasing pressure as our full resourced continent. Strive to address their economic aspirations and meet the needs of their growing populations. The Africa youth  has been charged with the protection and sustainable development of the continent’s environment and climatic development and preservations. How ever there is more to be done for Africa to be stable in terms of climatic , conditions ans well as preservations of ecosystem,as young Africa who believe that my generation will make a change I have a vision of  Developing Africa for better sustaining livelihoods and natural heritage in harmony with our cultures though climate preservation.”said Eric who is the Founding Director Africamoja youth Society, CEO Leads Finance Dream, Afroavo  Ltd ( which will start soon)

The climatic condition in Africa is deteriorating because of the rapid extension of Globalization and excessive utilization of heavy technological machines and presence of Industries around the world. We live in the 21 century; if there is anybody who can transform and change Africa and bring development it has to be the youth. Youth are the ones who believe that there is great hope for Africa and this is why they should be in the forefront of taking the responsibility of handling the development of this continent.


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  1. I will be happy to participate on that Erick. I too think so much on making change to our environments starting with single person. This will make others inspired and also themselves participating for the change of the environment. Thus, your idea Erick is good since one of the indicator of developmental change is good surrounding environment

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