Africamoja youth Society, AYS is a nonprofit making organization which is found in Arusha region as the Main
Head Quarters .

Africamoja was established by young Tanzanian Eric Lucas with two main reasons, that is;
1) After looking that the number of youth who has lots of idea but they don’t know where
they go to put out their inputs. Youth, means Female and Male, in and out of school youth,
eemployed and unemployed youth without to look on belief, culture or ethnic group.
2) To help different people in the society especially youth so as they can be able to meet the powerful force in
meeting the common global challenges and opportunities through youth empowerment in social, cultural,
environmental and economical and voice of youth to be used in the community, due to reality that
the high statistics of number in any group of people in any country is youth.

objctivesMain objective
To empower Youth at large in order that they can be used as directive tool to achieve their society targets and fulfill their  role in the society by bringing changes.

We have a dream that one day this very young, brave strong and  

ourmissionOUR MISSION:

To empower youth across the country as they promote sustainability, influence policy
making, leadership skills, information sharing, to explore their talent and inter-cultural
exchange for them to  help the young people’s needs to develop to their fullest potential.


To be a society where youth creates and sustain an enabling environment for youth to fulfil their rights to prosper as human being, to be heard, engaged and valued as social actors in the community.


To bring the youth together so as to fight poverty, ignorance and diseases which have being great challenges that face Africa continent.
To have good products of youth who can be highly accepted, with full potential which can make a difference in the society.

Our Core Values




Our Organization Structure


Africamoja Youth society is managed by a cadre of well trained, highly motivated, hardworking and dedicated young men and ladies who are totally professional and not distracted by outside interests. The organization’s structure determines the extent to which plans are implemented in that it identifies functions to implement different activities.



  • The General Assembly is the highest governing organ of the organization. All the powers of the organization-shall be vested in the General Assembly. The General Assembly has all the bonfide members and other contributors of the organization.


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