Formal and Non Formal Education


Popularize and create awareness on the provisions and utilization of Africamoja youth society  programmes through both formal and informal media channels-capacity development for the transition to adulthood and future leaders.

AYS will emphasize on the promotion of learning and training opportunities for vulnerable youth and addresses school drop outs through equitable access to quality education at all levels, teachers training, literacy, and skills development for employability and lifelong learning.



Africamoja youth society programme will continue building on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and entrepreneurial skills for youth including introducing entrepreneurial skills and cultural management skills in higher education programmes and providing entrepreneurship training for young cultural practitioners.

Support for arts education programmes for young artist’s, designers, and artisans will be maintained particularly via fellowships for exchange programmes within and outside the constituency.


Youth Empowerement

we empower youth across the country as they promote sustainability, influence policy
making, leadership skills, information sharing, to explore their talent and inter-cultural
exchange for them to  help the young people’s needs to develop to their fullest potential.

Like wise AYE will also empower youth to access and engage in a knowledge -based society particularly via information and communication technologies (ICT’s) this would include improving access to multilingual information and knowledge sources strengthening ICT literacy, and technical skills fostering the participation of young women in the ICT sector and establishing youth with disabilities to access ICT training, civic engagement, democratic participation, and social innovation.


Youth Leadership






Africamoja youth society looks forward to Youth leadership entrepreneurship and social innovation to promote employability, sustainable livelihood, and poverty reduction,fighting diseases and ignorance, specific youth forums on culture, and creativity will enable the youth to further engage in promoting the diversity of cultural expressions through their individual and collective creativity.

Initiating leadership programmes will enable vulnerable youth living in the rural setting characterized by deep poverty , to develop community building and subsistence generation projects with rural resources.


4 thoughts on “WHAT WE DO

  1. This is an amazing vision. Giving youths a positive mental attitude towards our country. Let this vision of AfricaMoja prosper

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